Friday, 15 November 2013

Which Media Channel is Right in Andhra Pradesh
I am not given for Tweets and blogs in the due course of maintaining social networks. Rather, I maintain consistent reticence in other social networking sites like Face Book which I have been using to share my photos and fun stuff though. I have enjoyed an academic sojourn for a month and started killing time by reading as many News papers as possible and astonished to reckon that papers have stopped giving news and extending their tentacles to bolster the politicians of their own franchise. Then, I have started scrolling the TV news channels which have travelled far ahead of news papers in bristling the concealed emotions like caste, region, religion and what not.  So, I thought of using Social Network sites to blow out my feelings and to caution my young students whose vulnerable sentiments are culminated by the selfish entrepreneurs running the media houses. Social network is perhaps rational to an extent, that it does not have editors to curtail my writings nor filters the replies I receive.
Friends, gone are the days when media was approbated with the status of a Fourth Estate and now very much replicating a Fifth Column that undermines the eventual benefits sought by the society. One of the media houses being run in one particular region has been imposing a depreciatory stereotype on another region and trying its level best to widen the rifts existing among the people. Another media house has been granting Yellow confetti showers only and only on one political party right from its incarnation what so ever is the reason. An another media house has tried to make mountains out of molehills by telecasting the pornographic videos in the name of scandals and completely overshot the doctrine of private life behind the veils of TRP ratings. These unscrupulous papers and channels have initiated a new business of converting opinions into news and requirements of sponsored politicians into investigative journalism. So, my dear young students, beware of the analysis and reports generated by the media. I do not advocate you not read news papers or not to watch news channels. But use them only to procure information or news and try to understand the nuance of the analysis and reports which are biased and vested with ephemeral gratifications of few media entrepreneurs.

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