Tuesday, 15 January 2013

        My brief address to the participants in National seminar on food security in India.
Honorable  district Collector sri Girija Shankar garu, sri Chandra Mouli IAS garu Sri Suryanarayana Reddy garu from APARD, distinguished professors, guests and all other participants,  very good morning to you all. Today, I take pride inviting you to our college on this august occasion of conducting a national seminar on the Food Security and Inclusive Growth in Rural India. Friends, we are all conversant with the necessity of providing food security to vulnerable sections of the society and also conversant with the consequences of food insecurity in the developing countries like India, where more than 60 % of the population represents the rural arcades with very delicate livelihood sources.  Natural calamities, monsoon failures and such other whirlpools are often causing dreadful dark clouds on the social surface of the country and making people aggrieved of food insecurity and dignified life style. This condition will not only undermine the planned objectives of the state but also deters the caliber of human capital in the form of malnourishment and infant mortality. No doubt, Government has been mooting seamless programmes to ensure food security and inclusive growth in spite of which, there are grim and alarming statistics pertaining to food security. So it is obvious that, something is still going wrong somewhere. So, I call all the participants to make use of this national seminar to tender their advocacy in the direction of re animating the policy frame work. I will feel extremely happy if this seminar succeeds in questioning the fundamentals and contribute something novel to the body of food security and inclusive growth programmes of this country. At the outset, I congratulate all the resources persons and the staff members who came ahead to make this seminar a successful event. Thank you very much and be comfortable at our college. 

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